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  • Our Profile

    Established on Oct.11th 2009, TANYU.MOBI is located in Shenzhen High-tech Industrial Park. This place is a mixture of environmental beauty and great entrepreneurial atmosphere. Shenzhen is the youngest innovation-oriented city in China, every bit of it shows people its welcome for immigrant culture, its respect for knowledge, its courage on adventure. And it’s very easy to have hardworking super scholars, cool low-key geeks and confident funny hard-core players accompany.


    Though we set our identity as a publisher, we were also a professional mobile game developer who dedicated in game developing for nearly a decade. We used to produced console game and online game as well, we set foot on Symbian, Android and iOS, we enjoyed the simple pressure and suffered the tiring copy and cheat. Thanks to all these experiences, here we became a publisher who devoting more to change the current situation of game industry and to explore the delightful nature of games.


    We were a developer and we are a publisher, we experienced all kinds of hardship in game developing and that’s why we understand our content provider deeply and maximize our attention on the responsibility we take as a publisher. We evaluate, discuss and consider carefully before making a decision to license a game, and after the decision has made, we will never regret and give up on it.


    We believe that the principle of game is a scientific system based on culture and art. We acknowledged the difficulty we will face in the early stage of the forming of this system, but we settle down and keep our faith. We established an institute to meet our needs in studying the scientific principle of interactive entertainment, in exploring the nature of games that make people happy and in finding out how to make sure such happiness works in every game we produced.


    For all of these, we decided to start a revolution on our management system, that is, changed the old-style management into a management system that CEOs are on duty in turns and contains a decision committee. We believe that these changes help to prevent our enterprise culture from being out of date and help us to keep space with the changing society, the changing player and the new ideas that makes tremendous impact on our game industry.

  • Our Faith

    "GAME IS SCIENTIFIC" is the very most important faith we hold in mind. We are such a strong believer that we pay no attention to whether we could be regarded as a freak in this industry. In our opinion, game is formed by the fusion of technology and art rather than an easy product came out simply from adding technology to art. To study game in a scientific way requires not only a deep understanding of the latest pop culture, but more importantly, a study on the science of game which brings players the feeling of ease and joy and has the power to keep it last long. It’s never an easy task since subjects including biology, mathematics, physics, computer, aesthetics, psychology, etc. are all play a part in this process.


    Besides, one of the natures of our company is we hold a super positive attitude toward the information and knowledge sharing and multi-subjects communication. We admire super scholar and appreciate geek, and we are also keen to work and think together with them on putting new things and new ideas in games. We love to observe the influence game have on human behavior and the social phenomenon and share it together with many other developers. We believe that a game which is designed carefully by a scientific principle will be more successful in winning players’ hearts than those simple reproductions of the so-called popular games do. Some developer who were anxious for success take advantage of the ways like copy and cheat, or they even use worse tactics on game production. And the results they have got is, no doubt, a production without the beauty of culture and art.


    Yet, it cannot be denied that sometimes the success of game is a gift of God. But what we really wanted, is to know more about games, to learn better on games. And that’s why in the faith of game developing can be anything, we have the courage to eat the things that haven’t been taken a bite and to go to the places that haven’t been set a step.


    Although we are not good enough is another fact that we cannot denied, but to be a company that occupied a better place in people’s heart than Alibaba Group is not an impossible for us.

  • Mobile Game Publisher


    the Console Game Age


    In the ages that take GPRS and EDGE as communication technical standard, we didn’t give up finding the joys in mobile single-player game, and as a result, we have very successful works like the Wars of the Three Kingdoms, which earned a very good position on App Store’s list of top pay for a very long time.

    the Online Game Age


    With the development of mobile network and mobile devices, we settled down to online mobile game development. The Gate of Eternal Life, the Heroes of Water Margin and Xuanyuan Hegemony are three of our successful products.

    the Game Publish Age


    Generations change without any hesitate, they let us realized that online game is a more complicated subject rather than a simple mixture of ideas and systems. The farther we’ve been, the more we understand and the heavier responsibility we know we are taking. By that, Tanyu.Mobi, whose ambition is to speed up the game knowledge iteration, devote itself heart and soul to game publishing. Citypet is one of our representative games since we became a publisher.

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